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April, 2017. Global Access Partners partners with FIS Global, to provide services for FIS Global's Connections CRM system. 
Connections, a cost-efficient, Web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool offered by FIS, is designed specifically to help financial organizations develop valuable account holder relationships by targeting products and services that meet the specific needs of each account holder, based on insight and intelligence from the right data.

February 2017Global Access Partners provides CRM services to Environmental Business Council of New England.

June, 2016. Global Access becomes a bpmonline CRM Partner. 

November 2011. Global Access Partners delivers FIS Global's CONNECTIONS CRM system to Flushing Bank.

Global Access Partners delivers logistics, scheduling, project management and event management services to Sunovion.

February, 2015. Global Access Partners delivers Salesforce to Family Business Association.

January, 2012. Global Access Partners delivers MS Dynamics CRM to government organization.

August, 2011. Global Access becomes a CRM Partner.

April, 2011. Global Access imports peanut free chocolate products into US New England region manufactured by Lamontagne Chocolate, Inc.

August, 2010. Global Access assists in technical and business direction for the Quinsigamond Community College Foundation with fundraising strategy leveraging Customer Centric process.

March, 2010. Global Access becomes a Microsoft CRM Partner.


August 12th, 2008 - Global Access and Ingenious Group bring Testcraft to International Markets.

Global Access Partners, in conjunction with their eAssessment partner, Ingenious Group, bring Testcraft to international markets including Europe, Australia, Korea and China. eAssessment brings Customer assessment and data real time.


September 10th, 2007 - Global Access expands CollagenRX in New England, USA.

Global Access Partners continues to expand it collagen market in New England, USA. 
CollagenRX® Rejuvenating Cream ®, CollagenRX® Eye Treatment®, CollagenRX® Lip Treatment® and  CollagenRX® Acne Cleanser®.

Yikes! Press Release

July 20th, 2006 - Food Ingredients First carries press release for Yikes All Natural Ingredient.

Food Ingredient carries Yikes! press release annoucing the new and improved multi-vitamin freeze pops. Yikes! is now a All Natural freeze pop.

Food Ingredients is the food industry's leading portal for unique content on food & beverage development.It is a specialist international website for beverage and food product developers and the food ingredients industry.It focusses on the technical challenges of combining ingredients in the product development process.It covers key successful new product concepts from around the world with extensive illustrations and supplier informations.

July 17th, 2006 - Global Access and Preservation Sciences announce All Natural Yikes! Pops.

Global Access Partners has re-formulated its Yikes! Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pops to be All-Natural and includes the natural preservative Natural Choice from Preservation Sciences, Inc.  Yikes! is now the only All-Natural Multi-Vitamin freeze pop on the market today. 

See press release for details.



July 11th, 2006 - Global Access and Nazca Market to major US buyers.

Global Access Partners, in conjunction with their Nazca Cosmeticos Industria e Comercio Ltda partner, meet major US buyers at Miami Hair Care show. Global Access meets and demonstrates the benefits of Nazca's premier kids product line, Acqua Kids, and Nazca's US adult product line, Sphere Plus, to leading US buyers at a Miami show.


Global Access Partners, Dragonfire
Dragonfire Energy Drink

February 6th 2006 – Dragonfire Energy Drink enters the US Market.

Global Access brings Dragonfire Energy Drink to the US. Dragonfire Energy Drink is a dietary supplement that has been designed to support the nutritional needs of active men and women. The distinctive combination of energy enhancers and B vitamins is rapidly absorbed and provides support for healthy energy levels.

Global Access Partners, Yikes
Yikes! ALL NATURAL Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pop

June 24th, 2005 - Global Access brings Yikes Pops to the World.

Yikes Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pops - are the coolest way to take your vitamins. It's a new and innovative way to take your vitamins at any age: KIDS or ADULTS. Yikes provides four refreshing flavors; Kiwi-Strawberry, Orange, Lemon-Lime and Grape.


Global Access Partners, Acqua Kids
Nazca - Premier Hair Care Products

May 31st, 2005 - Global Access launches Nazca's Acqua Kids in the US.

Global Access Partners, in agreement with Nazca Cosmeticos Industria e Comercio Ltda, shall start marketing and distribution their best selling kids shampoo product line in the US. Acqua Kids is a premier product line with shampoos, conditioners, detangler, gel, foot powder and Eue de Toilette sprays for boys and girls.


Global Access Partners, Collagen
Collagen Product Line

January 14th, 2005 - Global Access launches CollagenRX in Japan.

Global Access Partners has finalized negotiations to deliver the complete line of CollagenRX products, CollagenRX® Rejuvenating Cream ®, CollagenRX® Eye Treatment®, CollagenRX® Lip Treatment® and  CollagenRX® Acne Cleanser® to the Japanese market.


Global Access Partners, Juice
January 10th, 2005 - Global Access and Nutri-Bev bring Nutri-Juice to a World-Wide market.


Nutri-Juice is now available thoughout the world with its full line of nutritional meal supplements. Made from all natural fruit ingredients, Nutri-Juice is not just a refreshing thirst quencher, but a “liquid multiple vitamin”, containing 26 essential vitamins and minerals. Global Access Partners will look to begin distributing product worldwide in early 2005.


Global Access Partners, Vodka
Anion Vodka

November 5th, 2004 - Global Access enters into exclusive distribution agreement with Anion Vodka.

Global Access Partners has signed an exclusive agreement with ZILAISKALNS Ltd, the producer of Anion Vodka, to distribute their premier vodka in the Americas. This Vodka from Riga, the capital of Latvia, brings a rich history from the old world tradition of Vodka producing.


Global Access Parterns, Collagen
Collagen Product Line
July 17th, 2004 - CollagenRX moves to Europe with the help of Global Access.


CollagenRX, a Kissimmee, Florida company signs on Global Access Partners to break into the European marketplace. Global Access Partners is looking to set-up distribution in a number of European countries and will look to bring on partners in Germany, and the Benelux countries.


Global Access Partners
May 18th, 2004 – Global Access enters into a Customer Relationship worldwide development agreement with Psyched For Life (PFL).


 PFL, an intellectual property presentation and seminar delivery system, has engaged the services of Global Access Partners to develop and rollout their worldwide licensing program. The first group of Master Licensees will be brought on board in early 2005.

Global Access Partners
March 15th, 2004 - GAP enters into exclusive development and distribution agreement with The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. (GCG)

Global Access Partners has finalized an agreement with GCG to develop exclusive lines of distribution to enhance our current capabilities both domestically and internationally through multiple lines of products and services.

Global Access Partners
Synartra Hardware
March 11th, 2004 - Global Access brings UK based Synartra to the US and introduces them to CA

Global Access introduces Synartra to Computer Associates (CA) to open EOM market share. Synartra is based in the UK and specializes in hardware and technology to enable consistent enterprise security across all connection types and locations using 'push' technology to provide a transparent and secure user experience and reduce network security risk.

Global Access Partners
Panopticon Software
February 2nd, 2004 - Global Access brings in first US VAR to Panopticon.

Global Access signs the first US value added reseller for the Swedish company, Panopticon, which provides professional Visual Business Intelligence - CRM Heat Sync. Global Access also brings the first US customer to the table.


Godec, Inc.
December 11th, 2002 - Levins signs first customers for Godec, Inc.

Martin J. Levins signs up first customer and VAR for Godec's CRM software. Levins brings on the first Value Added Reseller and technical partner, EKG Networking, Inc.

Levins signs first customer and implements Godec's CRM solution with a major regional pool retailer.

Godec, Inc
March 1st, 2002 - Global Access co-founds Godec, Inc. bringing CRM software and solutions to the small to medium businesses.

In co-founding Godec, Global Access looks to bring a new and easy to use web-based CRM software solution to the SMB market place. Designed to be cost effective, easy to use, and a turnkey solution, Godec's software application will fit into a market space that is under served.