Global Access Services


Global Access seeks to deliver CRM and CX services to our clients and customers.

Global Access provides Customer Relationhsip Management (CRM) and Customer Experience (CX) services to support the business vision and goals of our clients/customers.

Our core business services provide for accelerated expansion into customer knowledge and action.

o        Customer Relationship Management and Development
o         Market Analysis & Assessment
o        Strategic Planning
o        Product Management
o        Manufacturing
o        Partnership/Alliance Development
o        Due Diligence
o        Financing

Industries served:

o   Financial
o  Technology (Software, Hardware, & Communications)     
o  Health and Wellness
o  Manufacturing
o  Services and others.

Global Access offers a single point of contact for our clients instead of outsourcing to multiple service providers. We offer a cohesive approach and shared vision of our client's objectives.

Global Access is a turn-key operation.

Global Access, through its experience, has developed services that reduces the cost of selection, implementation, deployment and enhancement of the CRM and CX culture within organizations.

Done correctly, CRM and CX deployments or enhancements significantly strengthen your company with your customers, your employees, increasing loyalty and driving revenue.